Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Give me a trampoline, and I can pretty much entertain myself for... for... well forever. Don't worry that I have jumped on the tramp almost every day these past to weeks. Consisting of Jump On It (the most hoppin place on Utah, haha get it)?, and Robyn's trampoline. They truely are a great invention. With all the fun that comes from the trampoline, they have a plethera (did I spell that right? I don’t think I did). of injuries. Including: Breaking my back (not really, just felt like it). Various skids and burns (not fun) Then I just jump some more and I forget all about them. Except for my back, which I moaned in pain for a while, then died. I love jumping on the trampoline, because it relievs stress of the day, and just of life. It also makes me feel like a little kid again (not to mention the injury that happened to me when I was five, where I split my lip open, but that another story). Kids are so pure and innocent, I really wish I could just be a little kid again without the worries of school, or friends, family, living up to everyone elses standards. That is what the Trampoline relievs me of. So I keep on jumping.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday.... more like Funday! (I crack myself up)

Today was great. Do you know why? Becuase school got out at 12:30 (why doesnt it everyday!?) It’s always a joy when it is a short day. Who cares why, we get out of school early. I always love when its a short day and teachers rush and try to get through their lessons, but never end up doing so, which means no homework! Hoo-ray! I’m really loving music right now. I used to just listen to it not really lisiting to the lyrics, but now that I do it makes a song so much better....or worse. The only bad thing about today was We only had thirty minutes for lunch, which means no gandolfo’s (I’m crying at the thought) so approximitly twenty-nine minutes were spent in the luch line, when suddenly the bell rings, leaving me one minute to shove a bagel down my throat. Please save yourself and do not rush your eating. My stomach is still suffering. That bagel was gone within 30 seconds. Have you ever been to yogurt bliss? Well, I dont care, because I have and it’s amazing. Or as many like to call it “happy in a cup” Anyway I could really use some. Well, I think im going to go bedazzle a tissue box for my math teacher. OUT!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Heaven in a bottle

French Club is most likely the best thing that happened in my life. We had our opening social on thursday. We had wine and cheese. (Oh don't worry it was non-alcholic) Please let me share with you, a picture of the most divine drink on this earth, that will send your taste buds on a sparkling adventure.
If you haven not partaken of this glorious drink. Please for your own good, do so now. And of course at french club we thought we were all cool pretending we were all fancy pouring it, then later pretending like we were drunk. It was grand, and so was this drink.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

A baby that should be un-born!

I love life. And life loves me. Did you know that high school rocks? well it does. I am loving school. (except for the whole homework thing, I mean what is up with that!?) I DESPISE physics! WITH A PASSION! One day in that class I wrote five pages of "I hate physics! I hate physics!...." Over and over again. Science and math should stay seperate! They should not make babies and name it physics! No bueno! Anyway. I have great friends.
Robyn and Elle? I might keep them... (We'll see...)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Stand Tall.

I want so much to make a difference in this world. I want to change how people see other people. Not by clothes, money, or popularity. But by there story and who they really are. I want to take a stand and not care what other people care about me. I want to be free. I am trying to break social boudaries, but its been hard and I still try my hardest. I feel if I can be that one person to make a difference, then why can't another person. I don't want a person to be someone that society has told them to be. I want them to be recognized for who they really are. So please, if you would, Take a stand, and break the social boundaries holding back our generation. Let us be known for accompishing great things.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Under the stars.

Yesterday my family and I went camping. It was my grandparents aniversery that day, so we invited them to have dinner with us. Before dinner I asked my grandpa how they met. You know, the usual bean factory, where else? He then continued and said the night he proposed to her he didn't even know he was going to. Dont worry, he bought an engagement ring on his misson, just in case. He just kept it for the perfect girl. They met in August and got married in September! 52 years later they are still as happy as they can be. It was neat to hear a lot of other stories from my grandparents, like how they didnt have running water, or an indoor bathroom. It made me think of all the things that I take for granted. It then made me think what are my children going to say about the things we have now. It was a very nice night up in the canyon, to sit and relax by the campfire. I love when its just me and my family and no cell phone ringing, or computer, or city lights, it reminds me of what's really important. Just me and my family under the stars. Oh don't worry that it was freezing at night! The day before I had been sick and camping made it oh so much better. Not. All of today I have been moping around, trying to keep my bodily fluids where they should be. Enough of that though. Annie and I took this when we first got up there.

We love camping? Uh sometimes.

Friday, September 17, 2010


Don't worry PGHS is in fact haunted. I am not even joking! Here is the story. Robyn Elle and I stayed after school on Thursday to do some official French Club bisniuess, When we were walking down the hall we here a banging noise coming from a locker. We stayed there just listining to it we bould bang on it, then it would bang back. It wasnt just a tap, it was full on freaking out, something inside trying to get out. We were freaked out! We have witnesses, three random girls from the softball team, they stayed there too while we tried to figure out what it was. Naturally I assumed it was an animal or something trapped inside as a joke. We then tracked down a janitor, and he heard it too! He got his master key and opened it slowly, guess what was inside? Nothing. Completly empty. Freaky? Yes. Locker 828 is in fact haunted. We are going to do further investigating, supposedly there is some journal in the library from the man who haunts the school. Monday we are staying after school and figuring this out.

We think that we now have opened it we will be cursed forever.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Door Is Always Open.

Today I made a door. Yes a door. For English we are learning about folktales, and each group was assigned a country. My group got Europe. We then have to pick a folk tale from that country and act it out. My group is doing some strange story titled "What Ulf Knew" I still don't know what it is about but ya know. So everyone chose their characters and there was no one left for me to be :( Someone suggested that I be a door. "uh all right...?" Anyway I am an overachiever and made the what? Best door ever. (Oh dont worry there will be a picture just keep reading) So with some help From my dear friend Nicole we created a masterpiece. Please enjoy this photo.

Awesome? I Think so.

Nicole suggested that I cut the hole in the middle of the wreath to see my face. Genius! Well I hope my group appreciates my hard work all for a two minute skit. Everyone will love it, how can you not? I hoped you enjoyed my hard work, because I do. And remember....My Door Is Always Open.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lets have some FUN!

Oh the joys of the state fair. Yesterday my family and I went to the fair. And let me tell you it was a hoot! Many interesting people, along with what they were selling. For some they had amazing things for sale with VERY low prices. (Wow I feel like im advertising.) For example I bought a one of a kind racoon hat, handmade. (awesome? Yes.) Also a handmade backpack. (Even more awesome? Yes.) Oh and the food! The food was just plain wierd! But I had to try it, just to say I did. So here is a list of things that I ate or sampled off family members plates. Alligator (suprisingly good) Frog legs (even better) Deep fried PB&J (Glorious!) Deepfried bacon covered in chocolate (eh...) And a deep fried snickers. (amazing!) So you can kind of guess the deep fry about everthing. Some good, others not so much.

Oh you know, just stuffing our faces.

They also had A lot of livestock. Including Giant milk cows. I never Knew Milking cows were that big, but they are!

This one isn't even as nearly as lage as the other ones.

They're best friends.

Then we met a friendly robot. I really want to know how they were controlling him, or maybe he's real! :)

I named him Steve. Doesn't he look like a Steve?

Then when we were passing by a fire fighter station booth, or what you will. I heard a very catchy song that will stay dear to me forever. This is how it went. " dont touch hot things, dont touch hot things, hot things can hurt you." Trust me its better with the music. Come ask me and I'll sing for you sometime, yes? Overall I had a splendid time. Yes. OUT!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


So I am sure you all have seen the Geico commercials and whatnot. But I was watching one the other day and I noticed something that was blog posting worthy. And my computer is being dumb and wont let me post the video, so here is the link. Please enjoy and watch, then continue reading. Did you catch it? Because if you didnt I might cry. No really I will. Anyway, the pigs name is Maxwell, I just felt so special. And this is totally something i would do! I might just have to purchase some pin-wheels now. So if you see my head out of the window with some pin-wheels. Dont't do a double take. Just know its me. :) OUT!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Poster Making? Good for the soul.

French? No bueno! Haha thats funny! French is not my best subject ya its sad I have a c! And its only the second week of school. Anyway as much as I enjoy it, im just not good at it. I try and try oh and then I try some more, but still end up doing poorly. Well, I feel as though I have improved, even if it is just a lillte, but thats what learning is for right? Improving? So right now im getting pretty good at saying can I go to the bathroom please? Puis-je aller aux toilettes s'il vous plaƮt. Ya then I go to the bathroom, even if I dont have too. Lets hope my grade improves? But on the bright side Mr. Burnah has asked me to be..... Wait for it......its coming, the official French Club poster maker! Exciting right? I was pretty excited too! Who knows what exciting things I will do! Make posters? Awesome! Anyway pretty much legit! Dont worry I am going to make a sweatshirt and everything! It will have my name on the sleeve, and on the back it will say "official French club poster maker" Yes? Yes. Im kind of a big deal? Ok. I just had to share the exciting news! OUT!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


So recently I tried out for Pleasant Grove High school's Shakespeare team. Oh and I made it! Pretty cool. For those of you who dont know what Shakespeare team is, please let me enlighten you. Shakespeare team is Where a groups of students all accross Utah prepare one scene from a Shakespeare play. Then after all the rehersals you go down to Cedar City to compete and hope yours wins. Ours will win, Yes? Anyway the rehersals are at what time 6:00 in the morning! Oh did you not here me I stated that indeed the rehersals are at 6:00 *AM*. Anywho. gettng up that early....not too fun. But I really love doing it so I guess I will stick to it. Isn't that how it is with most thigs in life? You love something so much you will do anything for it? William Shakespeare does'nt even know that I am sacrificing time that could be in my bed with my eyes closed dreaming about horses! But ya know. I'll stick with it.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Oh hey.

Today I went grocery shopping with my mother. We were at the store when we passed a familiar face, (who will remain unnamed) lets call her Alice. Anywho. Alice has known me quite some time, since I was eight. She has watched me grow into a fine young man. Wink, wink. Back to the story. Alice has had some depression problems in her life and has struggled the past year. And when we were at the grocery store she told me that I was her inspiration. How neat is that? I just go about living life like I normally would, but to one person, I have helped give them that extra push to keep moving forward. She said she loved how positive I was about life, and how I am always smiling. (I love to smile) And after suring the car ride home I thought about that. Maybe Alice isnt the only one, maybe I am helping other people too. This made me want to be better and help people at anytime possible. Even just a friendly smile or hello to a stranger. Because you never know when it counts. You could change a persons life by just turning the corners of your mouth upward. :)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

A New Beginning

The whole Reason i started this blog was to break social boundries. To make my mark in this world. Even if its just a scratch. Its still something. You may wonder what i mean when i say "Breaking social boundries" so please, let me clarify. I love who i am. And i will not let anyone or anything change me. When i break social boundries i am going against what other people tell me i should be. What other people are. But why be somebody im not? Starting now i pledge to not let ANYONE change me. I will not care what other people think. I will not care what other people say. Because I know it is not true. I invite everyone to do the same. Even just for a day. Be who you are. Do you know what it feels like to be yourself. Or have you been covered up with lies. Let me tell you. I. feel. Free. Do you?

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Boys dont cry.

Society has told us many things. What we should look like. How much we should weigh. Etc... Society is STUPID! We can be whoever we want to be And we shouldnt have to worry about what other people think. Which is why i am Breaking social boundries. By starting a blog. Yes i am male.
I know boys dont do much of it. But i will because i dont care what people think.
So there you have it.
Laugh all you want