Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday.... more like Funday! (I crack myself up)

Today was great. Do you know why? Becuase school got out at 12:30 (why doesnt it everyday!?) It’s always a joy when it is a short day. Who cares why, we get out of school early. I always love when its a short day and teachers rush and try to get through their lessons, but never end up doing so, which means no homework! Hoo-ray! I’m really loving music right now. I used to just listen to it not really lisiting to the lyrics, but now that I do it makes a song so much better....or worse. The only bad thing about today was We only had thirty minutes for lunch, which means no gandolfo’s (I’m crying at the thought) so approximitly twenty-nine minutes were spent in the luch line, when suddenly the bell rings, leaving me one minute to shove a bagel down my throat. Please save yourself and do not rush your eating. My stomach is still suffering. That bagel was gone within 30 seconds. Have you ever been to yogurt bliss? Well, I dont care, because I have and it’s amazing. Or as many like to call it “happy in a cup” Anyway I could really use some. Well, I think im going to go bedazzle a tissue box for my math teacher. OUT!

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emilee said...

We didn't eat lunch. We waited until after school and walked to Purple Turtle. Oh, it was grand.