Friday, October 15, 2010

Will I Am

Is it sad that i forgot that I had a blog? I think so Hahaha. Well so much has happened to me in the past three weeks. Went to Shakespeare. Had a blast. There is too much to say about it so why dont i just show you.
We did a little jumping.

And a little car honking. (We got flipped off twice. Did our costumes offend you!? Gosh.)

A little Drinking from the special drinking foutain

William told me a few stories

We did a little staring of the Tony Award.


We did a little bench sitting.

We did a little costume wearing.

We did a little being ourselves.

Oh and then we won! Pretty great, all our hard work paid off. SUU campus is amazing. It truely was an amazing expierence. Untill next year William.