Monday, September 6, 2010

Oh hey.

Today I went grocery shopping with my mother. We were at the store when we passed a familiar face, (who will remain unnamed) lets call her Alice. Anywho. Alice has known me quite some time, since I was eight. She has watched me grow into a fine young man. Wink, wink. Back to the story. Alice has had some depression problems in her life and has struggled the past year. And when we were at the grocery store she told me that I was her inspiration. How neat is that? I just go about living life like I normally would, but to one person, I have helped give them that extra push to keep moving forward. She said she loved how positive I was about life, and how I am always smiling. (I love to smile) And after suring the car ride home I thought about that. Maybe Alice isnt the only one, maybe I am helping other people too. This made me want to be better and help people at anytime possible. Even just a friendly smile or hello to a stranger. Because you never know when it counts. You could change a persons life by just turning the corners of your mouth upward. :)


emilee said...
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emilee said...

You definitely made my life more awesome that it ever would have been. (: