Tuesday, September 7, 2010


So recently I tried out for Pleasant Grove High school's Shakespeare team. Oh and I made it! Pretty cool. For those of you who dont know what Shakespeare team is, please let me enlighten you. Shakespeare team is Where a groups of students all accross Utah prepare one scene from a Shakespeare play. Then after all the rehersals you go down to Cedar City to compete and hope yours wins. Ours will win, Yes? Anyway the rehersals are at what time 6:00 in the morning! Oh did you not here me I stated that indeed the rehersals are at 6:00 *AM*. Anywho. gettng up that early....not too fun. But I really love doing it so I guess I will stick to it. Isn't that how it is with most thigs in life? You love something so much you will do anything for it? William Shakespeare does'nt even know that I am sacrificing time that could be in my bed with my eyes closed dreaming about horses! But ya know. I'll stick with it.

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