Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lets have some FUN!

Oh the joys of the state fair. Yesterday my family and I went to the fair. And let me tell you it was a hoot! Many interesting people, along with what they were selling. For some they had amazing things for sale with VERY low prices. (Wow I feel like im advertising.) For example I bought a one of a kind racoon hat, handmade. (awesome? Yes.) Also a handmade backpack. (Even more awesome? Yes.) Oh and the food! The food was just plain wierd! But I had to try it, just to say I did. So here is a list of things that I ate or sampled off family members plates. Alligator (suprisingly good) Frog legs (even better) Deep fried PB&J (Glorious!) Deepfried bacon covered in chocolate (eh...) And a deep fried snickers. (amazing!) So you can kind of guess the deep fry about everthing. Some good, others not so much.

Oh you know, just stuffing our faces.

They also had A lot of livestock. Including Giant milk cows. I never Knew Milking cows were that big, but they are!

This one isn't even as nearly as lage as the other ones.

They're best friends.

Then we met a friendly robot. I really want to know how they were controlling him, or maybe he's real! :)

I named him Steve. Doesn't he look like a Steve?

Then when we were passing by a fire fighter station booth, or what you will. I heard a very catchy song that will stay dear to me forever. This is how it went. " dont touch hot things, dont touch hot things, hot things can hurt you." Trust me its better with the music. Come ask me and I'll sing for you sometime, yes? Overall I had a splendid time. Yes. OUT!


emilee said...

You ate Alligator? Is that even legal? Hahah

emilee said...

Oh, P.S. I love the music on your blog!
It reminds me of that wedding....
and CSI..?

The one and ONLY Max Atwood said...

im pretty sure its leagal haha. And thank you i enjoy it too :)