Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Door Is Always Open.

Today I made a door. Yes a door. For English we are learning about folktales, and each group was assigned a country. My group got Europe. We then have to pick a folk tale from that country and act it out. My group is doing some strange story titled "What Ulf Knew" I still don't know what it is about but ya know. So everyone chose their characters and there was no one left for me to be :( Someone suggested that I be a door. "uh all right...?" Anyway I am an overachiever and made the what? Best door ever. (Oh dont worry there will be a picture just keep reading) So with some help From my dear friend Nicole we created a masterpiece. Please enjoy this photo.

Awesome? I Think so.

Nicole suggested that I cut the hole in the middle of the wreath to see my face. Genius! Well I hope my group appreciates my hard work all for a two minute skit. Everyone will love it, how can you not? I hoped you enjoyed my hard work, because I do. And remember....My Door Is Always Open.

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