Friday, September 17, 2010


Don't worry PGHS is in fact haunted. I am not even joking! Here is the story. Robyn Elle and I stayed after school on Thursday to do some official French Club bisniuess, When we were walking down the hall we here a banging noise coming from a locker. We stayed there just listining to it we bould bang on it, then it would bang back. It wasnt just a tap, it was full on freaking out, something inside trying to get out. We were freaked out! We have witnesses, three random girls from the softball team, they stayed there too while we tried to figure out what it was. Naturally I assumed it was an animal or something trapped inside as a joke. We then tracked down a janitor, and he heard it too! He got his master key and opened it slowly, guess what was inside? Nothing. Completly empty. Freaky? Yes. Locker 828 is in fact haunted. We are going to do further investigating, supposedly there is some journal in the library from the man who haunts the school. Monday we are staying after school and figuring this out.

We think that we now have opened it we will be cursed forever.


olivia said...

my great uncle haunts that locker.


spooks_apprentice15 said...

Oh you want to hear stories about the school being haunted? I've heard quite a few in the last 2 years. I've experienced a few things myself. It's crazy! :)

emilee said...

I totally believe it.