Saturday, September 18, 2010

Under the stars.

Yesterday my family and I went camping. It was my grandparents aniversery that day, so we invited them to have dinner with us. Before dinner I asked my grandpa how they met. You know, the usual bean factory, where else? He then continued and said the night he proposed to her he didn't even know he was going to. Dont worry, he bought an engagement ring on his misson, just in case. He just kept it for the perfect girl. They met in August and got married in September! 52 years later they are still as happy as they can be. It was neat to hear a lot of other stories from my grandparents, like how they didnt have running water, or an indoor bathroom. It made me think of all the things that I take for granted. It then made me think what are my children going to say about the things we have now. It was a very nice night up in the canyon, to sit and relax by the campfire. I love when its just me and my family and no cell phone ringing, or computer, or city lights, it reminds me of what's really important. Just me and my family under the stars. Oh don't worry that it was freezing at night! The day before I had been sick and camping made it oh so much better. Not. All of today I have been moping around, trying to keep my bodily fluids where they should be. Enough of that though. Annie and I took this when we first got up there.

We love camping? Uh sometimes.

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sisterwendy said...

I didn't know you had a blog! Totally enjoyed reading all your adventures :) I'm excited to keep up with your life.