Thursday, September 9, 2010


So I am sure you all have seen the Geico commercials and whatnot. But I was watching one the other day and I noticed something that was blog posting worthy. And my computer is being dumb and wont let me post the video, so here is the link. Please enjoy and watch, then continue reading. Did you catch it? Because if you didnt I might cry. No really I will. Anyway, the pigs name is Maxwell, I just felt so special. And this is totally something i would do! I might just have to purchase some pin-wheels now. So if you see my head out of the window with some pin-wheels. Dont't do a double take. Just know its me. :) OUT!


ellebelle said...

this made me giggle.
a lot,
just fyi

Meggy Leu said...

Haha now whenever I see that commercial I picture you doing that and can't stop laughing!

The one and ONLY Max Atwood said...

Dont worry I Purchased some Pin-Wheels :)