Monday, January 17, 2011


What a wonderful night. Spent with my two of my favorite people. RF and HKF. We needed to kill some time so naturally we went to the dollar store. What a magical place. Right before we went to the cash register the Cd's caught my eye. There were so many that I had never heard of. Actually it was all of them that I never heard of. That is probably why they are at the dollar store. Anyway. I really wanted some new tunes no one has heard of. So, I picked the three that looked the most promising. Promising they were. I have a new favorite song? Yeah. Look it up, Hydrolics by B5. That is my jam! I did get others, but have yet to listen to them. We then went to famous footwear. And yes, I in fact did try shape-ups on for the very first time. Not that bad, except for the fact that they look hideous! They really are very comfortable. But it makes you look like you are wearing a brick on your foot. Brick-ups. Well I hope you have a Fantastic Monday.

Peace and Blessings. (With mah new CD.)

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