Sunday, November 28, 2010

When in doubt. Burn it.

I have a French test tomorrow. How do I feel about that?

Get the picture?

We should just have to whole month of December off for Christmas break. End of story. I made up a little jingle when I go out side. It goes like this: "Burr burr burrrr. Its cold out hurr! Hey animal, give me your fur fur fur. Burr burr burrrr. Its cold out hurr!"
Its better when I sing it. Come up to me and ask me to sing it for you. It will be stuck in your head instantly. By the way, I now have a photography blog. Why? Because I can! Check it out. I hope you have a most joyous holiday season. Peace and Blessings.


olivia said...

this is my heart. being typed out.

'Do you get the picture?'

that was funny. there was a double meaning in that. it made me giggle. and contrary to popular belief, I am not a giggling girl.

Anonymous said...

max you are too funny.♥haley (g.)

Max said...

Why thank you Haley :)