Friday, October 15, 2010

Will I Am

Is it sad that i forgot that I had a blog? I think so Hahaha. Well so much has happened to me in the past three weeks. Went to Shakespeare. Had a blast. There is too much to say about it so why dont i just show you.
We did a little jumping.

And a little car honking. (We got flipped off twice. Did our costumes offend you!? Gosh.)

A little Drinking from the special drinking foutain

William told me a few stories

We did a little staring of the Tony Award.


We did a little bench sitting.

We did a little costume wearing.

We did a little being ourselves.

Oh and then we won! Pretty great, all our hard work paid off. SUU campus is amazing. It truely was an amazing expierence. Untill next year William.


olivia said...

I am ready for next year.
bring it.

sisterwendy said...

Max- that one picture was a little "creepin" :)
Congrats with the win xoxoxo

Meggie said...

bahaha! thats cool, i think i would pee my pants if today next year though..uh..yeah