Saturday, August 20, 2011

I have a blog.

Sometimes I forget, shoot me. (please don't) Today is the last day of summer. Well, for me at least. Everyone else gets to enjoy their Monday while I spend it at the High School Helping the Sophomores find their classes and teach them how not to be annoying. I have no place to say the word annoying, for all I know I could have been one of those annoying Sophomores. Let's hope not. If I am to be at the High School Monday, I might as well make the best out of it. Here is how I plan to do so.

Option A

Sophomore: "Hey, where is this class?"

Me: "Oh, that teacher doesn't work here anymore, sorry"

Option B

Sophomore: "Hey, where is this class?"

Me: "That room doesn't exist"

Option C

Sophomore: "Where is this class?"

Me: "What you're going to do is go outside, go past the seminary building, and up by the park is a building with a bunch of class rooms in it. It should be one of those."

Or I could just be nice....

Peace and Blessings.


olivia said...

be nice to me?

mardiiiii said...

We will have fun leading them away and scaring them. I am excited.