Sunday, March 6, 2011

A bit on edge.

I didn't blog yesterday? Who cares. This week will be the hardest one of my life. I have so many things happening all at once in this very week. Please enjoy this list that you probably don't care about but I'm going to type anyway.

Memorize and rehearse my monologue for region on Saturday.
Do a bunch of stuff for student council (I'm running for Junior Class Officer, Vote for me!)
I have a 5 page research paper due on Friday.
I have to write it.
Read a book for it.
And create a artistic something to go along with it.
I need to get started on my eagle.
I need to study for three different tests this week.

If I make it through this week it will be a miracle. And I am not saying all those things to make my life sound hard, or complain. Just informing you that I might be a bit on edge when you see me. After it is all over I am taking a day to just sit and do nothing. absolutely nothing. It should be quite nice. I do hope you have a super Sunday.

Peace and Blessings.


Miss Eliza Shumway said...

Ug that's a ton a stuff!! I loathe writing papers. Good luck on your eagle! Tell us about what you're planning on doing k? And I'll vote for you!! Find me in the students center or in the middle cafeteria room-not sure what it's called.. During lunch and I'll sign it:)
You rock my socks.

Max said...

Why thank you! :)