Thursday, February 10, 2011


It has now become true that I am insane. For the following reasons.

I wore my shirt backwards with out even realizing it.
One of my socks was worn inside out.
I could have sworn that I took those pair or pliers out of my backpack, nope, they are still there.
My sweatshirt pocket is full of at least fifty tissues.
Whenever someone is talking to me I have to have them repeat it at least three times.
Sometimes I feel sick.
Then I feel fine.
I fell asleep on my bed last night.
But magically woke up on the floor.
I can't seem to remember anything that has happened five minutes ago.
It took me about three minutes to remember my facebook password.
I fell asleep chewing gum.

Those are some of the very many. If you could please keep a look out for my sanity, and please return it to me. That would be wonderful. Have a magical Thursday.

Peace and Blessings.


Anonymous said...

Oh Max, I will be sure on the look out because it's probably somewhere back stage :)
- Marinda

Max said...

Thank you! you are probably right!