Monday, February 7, 2011


No need to teach me how to Dougie. I already know how. Supposedly I smelled like cinnamon today. I couldn't keep the ladies off of me. Literally. I don't know why I smelled like cinnamon, but I guess I did. And, I guess it's irresistible. So, I was not the only one that received a random mug on my porch. Which makes me even more curious. Dear Mug Leaver, reveal your identity. Please. Have you seen Phantom yet? Then go! What are you waiting for child!? Already saw it? Then go again! I hope your Monday night it wonderful.

Peace and Blessings. (My ski mask hair seems to be a big hit as well. Maybe if I robbed a bank and got caught. I would just take my mask off. And the cops would say "oh you are alright, your hair is cool, we will let you off the hook this once." Yeeeeaaah no.)

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emilee said...

tonight. I am coming tonight.