Monday, January 31, 2011

See it.

I sat in my seat right when the first period bell rang. My phone decided to magically turn off during the night, and not wake me up. Maybe it was an act of kindness, I did need that sleep. But, it did cause me to not brush me teeth. I only rinsed with mouthwash. Yeah? are you saying ewww? I know you have done it too. Deal with it. I came home from rehearsal to find Bajio waiting for me on the table. I love my Mother. Also a few homemade cinnamon rolls never hurt anyone. Have I mentioned Phantom lately, yeah well you should go. See below for details. Don't worry while some stage crew people and I were looking for a red scarf. We made up a song, a very long one. We just kept making it up as we went along. It was grand. Aaaaaannnd you should go see Phantom. And possibly see it again? Pushing it to far? Okay. Go see it!

Peace and Blessings. (Ski mask hair? Yep. It's okay to be jealous)


emilee said...

Love the hair.
I would quite like to know why myself and olivia are not on your stalked list....
That is all.

Max said...

Oh my goodness. I am wondering that myself. Let me fix that ;)

olivia said...

I am most defin coming to phantom at *least* thrice.
I only planned on seeing les miserables once last year,
saw it five times.
so I imagine that if I plan on seeing this one three times,
I'm going to end up there every night.

it's going to cost me a small fortune.
I am pumped to see your hard work maxwell(:

Anonymous said...

Well I just wanted to say, that everyone should come see it. Max in his ski mask is something you don't want to miss :)