Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Suddenly High School no longer sounds appealing. I am at the pit of awfulness in my life right now. My dear fried Maddie told me, "You can only go up now." Please let that be true. Please. Sociology seems to be my favorite class this semester. It is very interesting. We are learning about all these new perspectives, that I never even thought possible. It should be a lovely time. I feel that change needs to happen. Some sort of change needs to happen in order for this hole inside of me to be filled. I don't even know where the hole came from. I wish I knew, I wish someone would tell me. I do know it feels awful and must be filled soon, before I literally go insane. Reading back on that makes me sound like a very depressing person. Just know that I am not. I am actually the opposite of depressing. I do hope you have a most pleasant Wednesday evening.

Peace and Blessings.

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olivia said...

we still need to have a feelings circle.