Monday, December 27, 2010

Through the years.

I have nothing that is blog worthy today. But I made a goal for myself to blog everyday. Due to my lack of words today. I would like to take a trip down memory lane. Throughout my grade school years. (How did I convince myself to do this?) Also, due to lack of resources, I am going to start out with fifth grade. Each year I will share a thing(s) that was significant about that year. Here it goes.

5th Grade.

I had recently switched schools from Grovecrest to John Hancock Charter School. My very first switch of school's. Luckily they welcomed me warmly. I made two of my very best friends. Krystal and Chelsea. We were instantly inseparable.

6th Grade.

Being at a charter school is very different. There is only one class per grade. Instead of getting new people in your class every year, you stay with the same bunch each year. That is why I loved it so much. Our class was probably the closest out of all the others.

7th Grade.

Ah, the pubescent years. What a great time. Not. This is where people get an attitude. Basically there hormones live their life not the person.

8th Grade.

This year was prime. I had been with the same class for five years. This was our final year together before we would all go to our different schools. We made it the best it could be.

9th Grade.

Once again, the new kid. Even worse, the first time I ever stepped foot in the Junior High. This year was really hard for me. I tried out for my first play ever. And got a lead role. It was then that I felt a part of something. And Junior High suddenly didn't seem that bad. I made some great friends throughout this year.

10th Grade. (Present Day.)

High School. What can I say? I instantly feel in love with this wonderful place. It is such an upgrade going from the Junior High to the High School. I made two of the most loveliest friends. Elle and Robyn. I don't know what it is, but it is like we were meant to be friends. (Cheesy) It is true, we have the best time together, and rarely stop laughing. I love my classes. I love my teachers. I love my friends. I feel like I am finally finding out who I am. I know that sounds cheesy. But it's true. I feel like I belong, and have a purpose. I am loving every minute of life. I cannot wait to see what the rest of my High School years will bring me.

Peace and Blessings. And a wonderful Monday night too.

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Max! Your teeth were ugly once?! I am shocked.